Why activate Sidebox straight away?

Affordable, easy to use and customisable.

  • You can start selling straight away

    The Sidebox widget can be set up in a few simple steps, so you can start your online sales experience straight away.

  • It can be installed on any website

    Sidebox can be installed on any website, without the help of technicians and regardless of the platform or technology it is built on.

  • Increase your revenue straight away

    Sidebox allows you to convert visits to your website and make it easier for your customers to buy online: start selling straight away and generate a new source of immediate and secure revenue.

  • WIN-WIN solution

    Sidebox allows you to decide not to incur any costs other than small commissions on what you sell. It's a win-win, because winning together is much better!

3D Secure Compliant

Easy and secure with Stripe.

Receive money directly to your bank account associated with your Stripe online store gateway.
All transactions made with the 3d secure system are more secure. With Stripe the number of complaints against merchants for unrecognised payments is also reduced.


How does it work?

3 simple steps to create new sales experiences on your website.

  • Forever Pro*

    All the functions "Pro" with the fee reset forever.
  • fixed costs
  • Direct payments to your bank account

    Unlimited products management

    Unlimited products for sale

    Sale of products by date

    Advanced order management

    Graphic customization

    Persuasive sales message

    Valid for subscriptions before 31/12/2021
    Fixed fee free forever
    monthly commissions and 0,25€ per transaction
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